The Benefits of Electrolysis

By shawna on November 3, 2015 in Healthy Living

ottawa electrolysisElectrolysis is a procedure most often used to remove unwanted hair. It is a highly effective, and safe procedure that boasts long lasting results. Electrolysis can be used on the entire body, including the eyebrows, face, and abdomen. Everyone experiences different levels of hair growth, which can be caused by hereditary factors and hormone levels. Oxygen Medi Spa is Ottawa’s leader in electrolysis treatment. Our qualified team will have feeling confident in no time!

What Is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved treatment for permanent hair removal. It is safe, virtually painless, requires no recovery time, and effective for most people. It works by applying an electric current into the skin with a very small needle shaped electrode or metal probe. This device goes directly into each hair follicle and destroys the root, making it impossible for the hair to grow back.

electrolysis ottawa hair removalOttawa Electrolysis

For the best results you will need to repeat your electrolysis treatment several times. This is because hair grows in three stages: growing, resting, and shedding. And these stages never sync up perfectly! Hair must be in the growth phase to be effective. Electrolysis is an example of how science and technology have come a long way to supporting the spa treatments that we come to enjoy. Electrolysis is safe, and effective and can dramatically improve your confidence!

electrolysis in ottawaThe Advantages of Electrolysis

Electrolysis enjoys the best track record for hair removal of all hair removal treatments! Better yet, it is also effective for a wide variety of different hairstyles and skin types. While some hair removal treatments are only effective for some hairstyles, electrolysis taps into hair follicles, which we all have!

And while it may sound uncomfortable, electrolysis is not very painful. When compared with waxing, electrolysis is a walk in the park! Most clients complain of a prickling sensation, however unlike waxing, electrolysis is a permanent procedure. While the upfront cost of electrolysis is certainly more than a waxing appointment, you can be confident knowing that the end is in sight. Most clients require anywhere from 15-30 thirty minute sessions to see the best results.

Your Ottawa Electrolysis Appointment

Before your first electrolysis appointment, a member of our team will schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the treatment with you. During this appointment we will ask you a few questions about your health history, and explain to you the electrolysis process. This is a great time to ask questions about the benefits of electrolysis as well as any concerns you may have. After an electrolysis treatment you can expect your skin to be a bit pink and tender to the tough. You can use some ice to reduce any swelling you may experience.  You should avoid scrubbing the area for at least two days.

To learn more about electrolysis or schedule an appointment with Oxygen Medi Spa, contact us today!

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